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In a day and age blinded by materialism, mediocrity has become a rat race in which our own people are carelessly trampled, but some of us have dared to stop running this race. Instead of sitting idle while the chains of poverty enslave even more of our countrymen, we are standing up to break those cold chains. Instead of ignoring the homeless in our streets as we pass by, we offer them a compassionate hand of support. Instead of pretending that we can't help anyone else's family except our own, we are defying the odds to see the bigger picture.

Together, we have already done so much, but we know we can still do so much more. We are the everyday heroes who refuse to see the sky as the limit, but rather see it as a challenge. We are the next door neighbor who endlessly fights to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, provide for the fatherless, defend the veterans, or simply uplift the downtrodden. Nobody is left behind. Community First Outreach is here to put the community first. Together, we help each other to better us as a whole.

We are a hand up,
Not a hand out.