Saving Your Home Is The Core of Our Business!

Saving Your Home

home-pageWe are a housing counseling agency helping families stay in their homes regardless of a foreclosure sale date. Our clientele consist of homeowners who took a pro-active approach by asking their lender for help only to be turned down, their lenders made them think they were helping them, now they are in foreclosure; some of the same homeowners even went to other ORGANIZATIONS looking for help, not knowing that the ORGANIZATION was working with their lender instead of against them!! We STOP the sale of your home and SAVE your home from foreclosure, but you must act immediately to successfully stop the foreclosure. Our core business is keeping people in their homes and fighting against the predatory lenders. The foreclosure problem is wiping out homeowners, neighborhoods, cities and states with no stopping in the near future. Servicers also known as lenders thus far have been completely unresponsive to the foreclosure crisis and have turned a cold shoulder to the homeowners they sold these mortgages to when times were good. The programs we utilize will; STOP your foreclosure, bring ALL past due payments current, waive late fees and penalties, and reduce your interest rate to as low as 2%, lower your mortgage payment (usually 30% – 40%) and after the modification your credit report will show your monthly mortgage payments as current. We are experts in loan modification assistance. We will evaluate your situation and give you our expert advice. We will guide you in the right direction to withstand this stressful time in your life. TIME is working against you right now!! You are ultimately responsible for saving your home. Protect your financial status and put our services to work for you today.